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Kelvin Siemens – CEO DECO Windshield Repair

DECO Windshield Repair was founded in 2005. They started with just two sites in Alberta, expanding to over 200 sites nationwide from Vancouver Island to Ontario. DECO Windshield Repair is run by our corporate head office in Calgary, AB, with the assistance of regional and city managers across the Provinces and Territories. In 2019, the company will continue to expand across Canada. DECO Windshield Repair has been recognized in Profit Magazine’s Hot Top 50 and Top 200, Alberta Venture Magazine’s Fast Growth 50, Calgary Business Magazine’s Business Leaders of Tomorrow and Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 under 40.

Work Hard

Windshield Repair. Customer Service. Sales. Training. Marketing. Are you up for the challenge?

Why do you work at DECO?

At DECO Windshield Repair, we believe in working hard and Saving Windshields. Every day, our site operators set-up their kiosk locations by 10:00AM and repair windshields until 6:00-7:00PM at night. Every customer is an opportunity to build rapport, achieve sales & showcase your expertise as a windshield repair technician. Educating customers on windshield composition, glass treatment and how to care for their windshield.

We hire just 1/50 candidates interviewed and search the country for Top Students. If you have a provable track record of commitment, thrive when given responsibility and what to learn about management and business. We invite you to apply. We want to work with people who value being active all day, enjoy fresh air and sunshine and want to reach their financial goals this Summer and Fall by working hard!

Unlike student landscaping, grass cutting or painting. At DECO you will interact daily with a wide variety of customers from all walks of life. Besides repairing windshields and applying windshield glass treatments, you will be focussed on serving the customer, achieving sales and marketing your kiosk location. If you become a POD manager, you will also gain valuable experience in management, budgeting, inventory, profit responsibility and shift scheduling. In 2011, we launched our enterprise (iOS) DECO app, that allows you to run your entire kiosk location off an iPad. Invoicing, product ordering, payroll and mobile repair appointments are all managed in here.

What do you like most about working for DECO?

School is important. At DECO, we understand a student’s desire to have a Summer or Fall job that provides great work experience, differentiates you from your peers after graduation and still allows you to make school a priority. We provide a flexible work schedule, so you can still meet your school related exams, projects or sport team commitments.

When you apply to become a Site Operator with DECO, we do not expect you to have any previous windshield repair experience. In every region across Canada, we host training events, varying from 2 to 3 days in a classroom where you will get technical training in windshield repair, sales, customer service and marketing. It’s also a great way to get to know your manager and other DECO Site Operators that you’ll be hanging out with this Summer and Fall!

There Are Better Ways to Save Your Windshield

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Play Hard

Are you ready to have fun?

Whether you’re saving up for tuition, books, a vacation, a new car, or a new phone, DECO wants to work with you to reach your financial goals. We have seen DECO-alumni take extended trips, support their athletic careers, buy a condo or pay for a full year of school with the money they made at DECO Windshield Repair in one season.

At DECO Windshield Repair, you’ll earn a base wage that goes up with the amount of repair units you achieve each day. We provide you with a guaranteed base wage, yet you have full control over your daily bonus by boosting sales on your site location!

At DECO we believe in balancing hard work with fun! Throughout the Summer and Fall, we host several regional events that are organized by local Managers and Site Operators. From white water rafting to brewery tours to paintball and the famous Calgary Stampede….we believe in getting together and celebrating achievements!

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How to Apply

Why apply at DECO?

Work outdoors. Learn sales. Interact with people. Participate in company events. Reach your goals. Save windshields. Make someone’s day. Network with Canadian business leaders. Meet new friends. Gain experience.

Message from the CEO


Are you qualified to join DECO as a Site Operator? Are you a Top Student? Apply now.

As we’ve mentioned before, you do not need any previous windshield repair experience. The only requirement is that you have access to a vehicle to ensure you can transport your site set-up, equipment and repair tools.

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Do you only hire students?
The majority of our Site Operators are students in a post secondary program. However, we are open to hiring grade 12 graduates for our Summer and Fall season and those not currently in school. Ideal candidates not currently in school might be on a work visa, saving-up to travel or looking for part-time work.

Do I have to be enrolled in a Business Program?
No. We hire students from different programs and facilities. The DECO Site Operators that perform best and earn the most money regardless of the school program are; confident, prefer to work independently, goal oriented, thrive when give responsibility and have previous customer service or sales experience.

Can I work with DECO outside of April-October?
We have select opportunities in cities across Canada to do commercial service work -and mobile repairs at customers homes or workplaces during the Winter Season.

Do I need a car or can I take public transit to work?
Yes, you need a car. A vehicle is required to transport your kiosk set-up, equipment and repair tools (flag, tent, table, stool, toolbox, rubbermaid) each day.

Is DECO a franchise in certain regions of Canada?
No. All DECO locations are owned and managed corporately from our head office in Calgary.

Where is training held?
We put on Regional training events across Canada in major cities.

I can’t start work until June. Will that be a problem?
No. While we prefer to hire students who have availability from April through October, we understand that not everyone’s schedule allows for that. If you are a great candidate, we have no problem with you starting later or finishing the season earlier. Attending the spring Regional training event is still required.

Why would I work for DECO and not another windshield repair company?
DECO Windshield Repair is North America’s largest windshield repair company and Canada’s Top Student Employer celebrating it’s 14th year in business. We’re most excited about our growing list of DECO alumni that have gone-on to launch their careers and be young leaders in communities across Canada in the past decade. We’re licensed with the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC) and the Auto Glass Safety Council of North America.

I’m a people person. Will I enjoy operating a site by myself?
Absolutely. The average windshield repair or glass treatment takes just 15-20 minutes. You’ll see a lot of different people throughout the day for short amounts of time. In addition, using the DECO app and Slack on your company provided iPad allow you to communicate instantly with other team members and your manager.

What is DECO’s stand on Corporate and Social Responsibility?
DECO makes great efforts in this area. Let’s talk about the environment first. Since windshields cannot be recycled, thousands and thousands of windshields end up in landfills every year. We aim to prevent windshield replacements by educating our customers on the importance of repairing a chip before it cracks out. We use as many biodegradable products that we can, we’ve eliminated paper with the iPad, switched our aerosol glass cleaner to the eco-friendly waterless carwash products and replaced paper towels with microfibre cloths. We also care about the communities we work in. We partner with charitable organizations by giving away prize packs and participate in as many community events as possible.

How do I apply?
Simply fill out the form on this website and a local Territory or Regional Manager will be in contact with you shortly.

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